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Leading the way in providing affordable and seamless Gigabit fiber internet

to communities and business with up to date wireless transmission equipment.

Our Solutions

The wait is over, G1 wireless is here. Innovative, fixed wireless from our hands to your business.

United Wireless brings reliable, cost-effective air fibre access helping boost your business or home connectivity to 800 Mbps – 1 Gbps bringing you peak speed through our top-of-range technology, Tarana.

We have a complete end-to-end solution for large-scale deployments, fibreclass service, and a multi-km range cellular model allowing us to reach coverage in even the most rural of areas.

Universal Access

A Whole New Approach to Fixed Broadband

Using Tarana’s unparalleled simplicity, master technology, and rapid installation we can take wireless internet access to new heights (and speeds).

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We have set up a regional Field Services support structure.


Our New Centralised Network Operations Centre is equipped with latest visibility and communication technology.


In our EBU support, services provided include preventive maintenance, emergency repairs, scheduled servicing and many more.


In our small and medium support, services provided include preventive maintenance, emergency repairs and many more.

We believe in bridging the digital divide in Africa through every home, school and business with true broadband access.

Community empowerment: Local communities and business entities have a role in the deployment of our network solutions which instill devotion and commitment to best serve the local communities and do right by them.

Backed by MTN and a world-class team

with $200 million in funding, United Wireless are leaders in the industry bringing you exclusive
rights to custom silicon developments using speed and success, powering mass-market
economics with huge processing complexities.

Your connectivity issues are no match for our solution-based model, learn more on how we will be closing the gap within Africa and providing fast, affordable wireless to all homes and
businesses far and wide.

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