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Unparallel Simplicity. Technology Mastery. Accelerating The Now.

Gone are the days of prohibitive costs through trenching fibre lines, slow deployment, and frustrating connection interference.

We welcome Tarana, an innovative technology that gives a whole new approach to fixed broadband. Using Gigabit 1 technology


Complete end-to-end solutions for large-scale fixed wireless deployments from E2E, B2B and B2C.


Fibre-class service with none of the hassle.


Use of a multi-kilometer range and simple cellular model.


Can tend to licensed and/or unlicensed spectrum (3.5 or 5GHz).

Suburban Coverage

How Does Tarana Solution Work?

Using Base Node and Residential Node units, we are able to create and integrate the perfect combination of multipath’s via beam and null forming, allowing Tarana to map the complete environment (both moving & dynamic) to form a community of radio channels that function at 200 microseconds. Our channels apply millions of interference cancellers per second to create a highperforming signal with little to no fibre-quality fade or throttled characteristics. No more downtime annoyances, no more object blockages, with United Wireless, you’ll be connected 100% of the time. So, what does this really mean for you? Our Gigabit Broadband system allows for;

United Wireless at a Glance

  • 800 Mbps – 1 Gbps peak speed per user 10 Gbps capacity / site / 80 MHz channel (using free, unlicensed spectrum).
  • Up to 1,024 users / site (256 / sector) 3 or 5 GHz.
  • Industry-first cancellation of unlicensed-band interference Suburban NLoS range 3 km, rural LoS to 30 km.
  • Compact, integrated base node and low-cost remote node.
  • Comprehensive cloud suite for planning, zero-touch config, monitoring, SDN management and support automation.
  • Software-defined radios, enabling automated cloud managed performance upgrades.

Unrivalled network economics

Most homes are covered per tower (longest range, NLoS & LoS) Most homes/businesses served per tower is at the highest capacity

Guaranteed data ratesin the free spectrum (interference cancellation).

Fast and seamless network planning and customer install High take rates at good ARPU giving you reliable service and guaranteed high speeds.

Learn more about how United Wireless can bring your business to new speeds with this one-of-a-kind technology.

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