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Using Base Node (BN) units that is connected through backhaul fibre via the MTN cell towers and Residential Node (RN) units

that are placed in customer sites, we can create and integrate the perfect combination of multipaths via beam and null forming, thus allowing Tarana to map the complete environment (both moving & dynamic) to form a community of radio channels that function at 200 microseconds.

Each Base Node can read and connect with up to 256 Residential Nodes and 4 Residential Nodes can be installed per site (80MHz of available unlicensed spectrum), allowing long-range reach 1,024 users through an estimated output of 800Mbps connection. Our channels apply millions of interference cancellers per second to create a high-performing signal, once a disruption is sensed, our signal beams shift to unobstructed beam points allowing multi-channel connection.

Our state-of-the-art solutions combine both cellular radio access with fixed architecture.

Our RNs are powered through an existing Ethernet cable, utilizing the existing structures, and cutting costs, as fixed access-network endpoints don’t require mobility or roaming.

G1 is capable of long-range coverage managing to capture rural, suburban, and urban markets making this the ideal solution, no matter your location. Say goodbye to fibre-quality fade or throttled characteristics and hello to uninterrupted connectivity 100% of the time.

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